Remote Access via PC
Download this file from the internet:
Do you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device? Yes
Select language: English click ok
Welcome to use SmartPSS click Next
check Accept and click Next
Uncheck PC-NVR , leave only SmartPSS checked
click Next
Destination Folder: [ c:\program files ……… ] do not change
clk Install
check : Run Smartpss , then Finish
Set an administrator password:
[ this is your password for logging into the program , not the DVR ]
Select your password: and confirm [ don’t lose this password ]
Click OK
Type in your new password
Check: Remember Password
Click: Login
Click the Add button “ located next to Search button “
Device Name: Go Fetch
Method to add: select down arrow on right side and select SN (for device support p2p)
Group name: Default Group
user name: GUEST   password : fetch34
click : Save and Continue
click : Cancel
click : HOME PAGE icon at the top of the screen
Select : LIVEVIEW icon
on right side of screen right click on “GoFetch” and select Substream

Remote access via Smart Phones:
for iphone go to app store and search for idmss lite
download and install
open idmss lite click on the three horizontal lines and select device manager
click the plus sign (+) on top right corner
click on p2p
fill in the following info name : Go Fetch sn: 1C029DEPAEWJ6YY
username: GUEST password : fetch34
then click the square floppy disk icon on top right corner to save
click the start live view button to view cameras