Doggy Shuttle Service

We are taking reservations now and starting our go FETCH shuttle service on Thursday, October 1st.
Here’s how it works!
We are sending our shuttle out to start pick-ups at 6am and will have your four-legged friend back to our facility at approxiametly 8am. Drop-offs will begin at 5pm and end at 7pm. The shuttle service will only be offered weekdays, Monday to Friday.

3 ways to make it happen:

  1. Be at your house to hand the leash over to our shuttle driver
  2. Give us a key to put on our shuttle bus key chain *
  3. Use a lock-box on the property to leave a key for the driver to pick up your dog*

* Detailed instructions for driver must be given for pick-up and drop-off with out owner present. The charge for the shuttle service is only $5.00 one way or $10.00 for the round trip.

Add grooming on to your dogs day and make it a sPAW and play day.
Then come home to a tired dog that smells and looks great!! All daycare attendees recieve a $5.00 discount for sPAW packages.
A tired dog is a good dog!!!!
Call 562-621-6215 to make reservations today!!!

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