Happy Howlidays everybody! It’s your old friend Billy B.A.D dog here. Well, we’re another month down and closer to the end of the year, and I got to confess- I’m scared.  Well maybe not scared, but more confused, concerned, and worried. Something seems off. Trees are on the inside of the house! Lights are on ALL the time, both inside and out. And it seems like my hoomans are never home!

Don’t they love me as much as they used to? When I was at goFETCH the other day, I heard my friends talking about how it’s close to their woofdays. This was the time of year that their dog parents brought them home. You guys, it’s got my world upside down. What if my family gets this hairbrained idea to add another member to this pack?!?!?! I mean, I’ve just broken everyone in. Would I have to share my food? Share MY toys? SHARE MY BOY?!?!? Oh no, this just cannot happen! I was here first! I make the rules.

My humans think they tell me what to do, but you know I just listen so I can get those treats. I’m going to do it again. I mean, I don’t get my awesome rep as being B.A.D dog by just batting my eyes and wagging my tail. Look, it seems like a really good idea to get a new puppy as a Christmas gift, but what happens when that puppy becomes pooping, destroying, furry, messy ball of energy? What happens when everyone goes back to work and no one wants to walk this new guy again? And what about ME?!?!?! If my family got another dog, am I not important anymore? Back OFF! they are mine! ……But wait, what if I love them? What if this can be the best sleepover of my entire life, that never. ever. ends? What if this new family member brings new toys! New bones! New TREATS! Oh my gosh. Now I’m even more confused, concerned, and worried than before.

Oh dear sweet soothsayer squirrel, what can this guy do? Help me solve my holiday conundrum!

BARK at ya later! – LUV your pal B.A.D. Dog