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Day Care

The Perfect Place for your pup to socialize, burn off energy, and have fun in one of our four off-leash play areas. Each play area is constantly supervised and the dogs are separated by size and temperament

All dogs must pass a temperament test, be current on their vaccines* and be spayed or neutered before they can come play.


Full Day $37

Half Day (5Hrs)$20


10 Days (10% discount) $333

30 Days (30% discount) $777

Extras Full Day / Half Day

Weekend FLAT RATE $30

Holiday surcharge reservations fee: $10/dog holiday fee for the night of the holiday ONLY. This rate will be accepted up to THREE MONTHS before holiday. After that, a $5 increase will be applied each month closer to the holiday date. Week of reservation requests, could involve a rate increase of 100%

Boarding Add-Ons

30min Walk $15/per walk

Private 30 min play/
snuggle/brush out: $8

Holiday paws and craft
project/activity $6-8 depending on craft

Stuffed Kong $4.50

Free boarding bath for all dogs staying over 5 nights: Upgrade to basic spaw for over 10 nights

Overnight Care

At goFETCH we provide an alternative to traditional kennel boarding with our Overnight care. Dogs are separated by size and temperament and allowed to continue playing through out the night, or settle down and snuggle up with our staff. Owners are asked to bring their dogs bedding or crate as well as their own food. All daycare requirements are still effective.

24 Hr Period $55

Drop-off by noon & Pick-up by Noon included in overnight price. Pick-up after noon, additional daycare charges will apply.

Reservations Required

*Vaccines Requried: Bordatella every 6 months as well as Distemper/Parvo, and Rabies every 1-3 years (depending on your vet)


Full service grooming for all breeds. By appointment only. Price depends on size of dog and condition of the coat, please call for more information

Basic Spaw

Bath, blow dry, ear clean, gland expression and nail trim.

Deluxe Spaw

A basic spaw plus a feet, face and fanny trim.

Works Spaw

Basic spaw plus teeth cleaning and a full body hair cut.

(Depending on the amount of severity of the mats, must consult with a groomer prior)

A la Cart

All prices dependent on the amount of severity of the mats, please consult with a groomer prior.


Brush Out$10 - $20
(depending on breed/coat type)

Nail Trim & Grind$10 - $15

Nail File$10


Ear Cleaning & Pluck$10 -$15

Gland Expressing$10

Trims Eyes - $10/ Pads - $5 / Sanitary - $10

Daycare/Boarding flea bath $20 small/medium $30 large

New Services

Hair Dye
(depending on desired areas / style)

Hair Dye
(depending on desired areas / style)

Nail Painting$10 / $15
small dog / Large Dog


Flea Shampoo$5 addt'l

Shampoo$5-$10 addt'l
(small dog - large dog)

(degreaser, flea, sensitive, whitening, oatmeal, medicated, cold tar tea tree, etc.)

Shampoo$5 addt'l

Treatment$15-$20 addt'l
per 15mins (depending on breed/coat type)

Treatment$15 - $20 addt'l
(depending on desired areas / style)


goFETCH offers private in-home trainings as well as group classes to teach both dogs and handlers our Positive Pack method. Using this method we can help you with everything from an introduction of the basics to behavior modification. Our professional trainers will help you teach your dog to be a well balanced member of the family.

Level 1:

Our beginning class, for dogs who may not have had any training experience. Dogs will learn and practice basic obedience skills such as sit at owners side and lay down. It will include learning how to get and keep your dog’s attention or the 'focus' command as well as the 'name game'. Games and challenges will be included to make learning more fun. Treats can be used in this level only.

To test out of level one to Level 2 dogs must be able to complete the following:

  • Sit at owners side for 5 seconds.
  • Perform the down command both verbally and with hand signals and hold for 5 seconds.
  • Must respond to their name
  • Focus on owner the first time they call their name.

Level 2:

Level Two is for dogs that have tested out of Level One by learning the basic commands of sit and down as well as recognize and respond to their name. Level two, will build on the basic commands by starting to add distractions, as well as adding learning basic heal commands and the command come. Games and challenges will be included to make learning more fun. No treats used during this level.

Level two test out requirements:

  • Must be able to hold a sit for 20 seconds with mild distractions.
  • Must be able to hold a down through verbal and body signals for 20 seconds with mild distractions
  • Owner must be able to hold dog’s focus for 20 seconds with mild distractions.
  • Must come to owner, when called, from 4 feet with mild distractions.
  • Must be able to understand the command heal and walk with loose leash with other dogs 4-5 feet away.

Level 3:

Level Three is for dogs that have tested out of levels one and two and learned how to sit, lie down, come and hold a focus with mild distractions. They must also understand the command heal and be able to walk with a loose leash. In level three, dogs will build on what they have learned in the prior two levels, with added distractions and duration. Dogs will learn the command stay with mild distractions as well as the command place. The heal command will be reinforced. Treats are not allowed during this level training.

Test out requirements for Level Three are as follows:

  • *Must be able to sit, stay and hold a down for 1 minute.
  • Must be able to come to owner from 20 feet with mild distractions.
  • Must be able to hold a heal with owner and walk with loose leash past other dogs. With leash over owners shoulders.
  • Must understand the 'place' command and move to a 'place' without coercion.

Level 4:

Dogs who have made it to Level 4 of training are preparing to take the CGC test. Clients will be required to maintain the knowledge for the prior levels as well as increase their level of distractions.

To qualify for CGC testing, clients must be able to perform the following:

  • Must stay with owner 10 feet away for 3 minutes.
  • Come to owner, past distractions from 30 feet away.
  • Prepare to take the CGC test.
  • Each class is $35/class or you can purchase a package of 10 classes for only $300
  • Two classes a night, 7:15 and 8:00, 45 min classes, currently scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights with test outs on Mondays and CGC available on first and third Sundays

Test out class is only $20

CGC test is $25, you can only attempt the CGC one time a month without going back and taking a refresher class.


All in home training starts at $100/session. 20% Discount for rescues within 6 months.

After sitting down for your free consultation with one of our professional trainers we will create a custom lesson plan for you and your pup(s) that will range from 6-10 lessons plus lifetime access to our bi-monthly park group class. Lessons are once a week for an hour and owners must be present.

Pad Camp

Think bootcamp for you and your dog; Positive Pack style! Pad Camp meets once a week and consist of 6 one hour long, group lessons (depending on the age of your pup). Each week will focus on a specific obedience skill and is designed to introduce it to the beginners as well as fine tune it for the pros. At the end of the series each dog and owner will get a chance to run through the behavior obstacle and course and show off their skills at graduation. Reservations are required, and please only one dog per handler.

Wednesday & Thursday Nights7:15pm - 8:15pm

6 Group Lessons
+ Graduation

(Dogs six months or older)

6 Group Lessons
+ 1 Puppy Lesson

(dogs under 8 months old)

Drop in Lesson$30

Space Permitting