Happy eat until you pop month!  I heard rumors about this time of year, especially the day where my hoomans are going to watch football all day and eat a big ol bird… I want to eat a bird, but how do you catch it?  I mean I chase them and chase them at the beach, at the park, even in my own backyard- but they ALWAYS get away!

They use their little wings and go flying into the air and I just can’t jump that high or run that fast (SNIFF, SNIFF SNARF).  But apparently, my hoomans have figured out how because we are having turkey. Well… they keep saying THEY are having turkey, but that means me too right?

When they have dinner I ARF and BARK and ARF until they make me go to my bed, they say begging isn’t allowed (rude).  Something like their food isn’t good for me, the salt and sugar. The onions and grapes, but how could it be sooo bad for me if it smells so delicious??!?! My pal Moose said last year his hoomans made him a special dish, just for him and his FURiends… maybe my boy will do that this year?  I bet he will, so I can have a special meal just like the rest of my family and be safe too.

My boy cares about my health and safety because he wants us to be friends forever. Moose said his family made him a Rachel Ray recipes last year, K-9 Meatballs from https://www.rachaelraymag.com/real-life/our-most-popular-dog-friendly-recipes and it was FANTASTIC.

Then after the day of ball and eating my family is going on a LOOOOOONG trip to see their family… maybe that is how they get the bird, when they are up in the air with them- they just snatch ‘um!  Anyways, when they are in the air, I get to spend the night with my buddies at #goFETCHlb!

My boy is sad I don’t get to fly with him, but I’m not worried about it. I get to play all day with Moose and Jeassa and then cuddle up at night to sweet puppy dreams.. And kicks… and ball chases.  AND if my boy misses me, he can just log into the cameras. I’ll make sure to take a lap so he knows how much fun I’m having! He gets to know I’m being loved and I get to have a BLAST! – LUV your Pal B.A.D. Dog