OH…MY….GOSH! So you know how normally you go places and there are older and wiser dogs telling you what to do? Well, I found the BEST outlet for my energy and to meet friends my own age! My hoomans, and of course my most favoritest of boys brought me back to goFETCH for this Puppy Play Time.

It’s like these people, who already knew their way around dogs, understood that some of the energy is just too overwhelming for me and created this safe space for me and all my friends around my age. It’s now become my favorite Thursday night hang.  This week my friends Moose and Jeassa were there, and I met my favorite gal pal, Diane. Since we all know my attention span.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…I did it again, didn’t i? What was happening? Oh right, Diane and Laura showed us this new cool game called gentle?  Have you tried it? Apparently I grab treats a little too aggressively?! I’m sorry, you’re going to place food items in your hands and sometimes you make them disappear rapidly, why would I not try and grab them as quickly as I can? But Diana is right, I do need to learn to slow down and listen to what my hoomans are saying. You never know (scratch, scratch, scratch) what you’re missing if you don’t stop to listen. Heck, it even makes me so tired to use my brain instead of going a million miles per hour. You should try it, it makes the pesky hoomans SO happy!

Oh, and get this! I heard my hoomans on the way home talking about some of the new friends they met there too- how cool is that? It’s a two-fur-one!  My hoomans also promised we are going again next week to Puppy Play Time at goFETCH, SO if you have any furry friends under six months, BRING them!

I better see you all there! I love to make new friends and so do my hoomans.Puppy Play Time is only $10 at goFETCH and starts at 7:15 PM every Thursday! – LUV your Pal B.A.D. Dog at ya later! – LUV your pal B.A.D. Dog