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Why Socialize?

Want a dog that’s friendly and trustworthy around both people and other dogs? You might think
all you need to do is find the right breed of dog and your job is done. In reality, how you care for
your dog plays a big role in how he responds to people and other canines, especially if you’ve
got a puppy.

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It’s a Month of Family Furiends and Food!

Happy eat until you pop month!  I heard rumors about this time of year, especially the day where my hoomans are going to watch football all day and eat a big ol bird… I want to eat a bird, but how do you catch it?  I mean I chase them and chase them at the beach, at the park, even in my own backyard- but they ALWAYS get away!

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This Cool Class Called Puppy Play Time!

OH…MY….GOSH! So you know how normally you go places and there are older and wiser dogs telling you what to do? Well, I found the BEST outlet for my energy and to meet friends my own age! My hoomans, and of course my most favoritest of boys brought me back to goFETCH for this Puppy Play Time.

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Happy Howlidays Everybody!

Happy Howlidays everybody! It’s your old friend Billy B.A.D dog here. Well, we’re another month down and closer to the end of the year, and I got to confess- I’m scared.  Well maybe not scared, but more confused, concerned, and worried. Something seems off.

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We are staffed 24/7, our lobby hours are

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